Hello All,
Winter has finally come to Latvia with snow and subzero temperatures. The weather conditions no longer allow to paint motorcycle parts outside, so we are now concentrating on our summer rally plans and educating our motorcycle enthusiasts on technical matters – indoors seminars on how not to spoil motorcycle parts during the restoration process.
Our Vintage motorcycle section (SMS) of the Antique Automobile Club of Latvia has got new blood in the form of new Section management and a new secretary -- that means a thorough revamp of plans and activities for the Jubilee year too. We expect to see more local participants at the Kurland Rally and experience more local support in organizing this special Jubilee year event.
Latvia’s 100th Jubilee year has triggered new determinations to finish several new motorcycle restoration projects, which are targeted to appear at the Kurland rally in Vidzeme this coming summer. I have heard of at least 5 such projects. There is still some time for that, so good luck with your projects and get them finished in good time for the Kurland Rally!
The Rally Entry Deadline is 30th of March with Entry Fee Deadline 13th April. This requirement is called for by the hotel situation in Latvia, especially during this Jubilee year when hotels have to be booked and deposits paid well in advance to secure availability.
We will have 3 different accommodation venues dictated by the new route, yet the participants are advised to leave their support vehicles at the first hotel car park in Sigulda at hotel “Sigulda” which will also be the host of our first night accommodation.
The first Rally day has been planned to take us on a 130 kilometre Road run to Koni water mill and guest house which is situated a few kilometres from the Estonian border. Our local members will be offered the opportunity of a 1 day participation at a reduced rally fee, yet their motorcycles along with riders will be assembled for the traditional Rally Group photo at the 200 years old Koni water mill – another important landmark and a unique backdrop for the group photo.
As we would like to keep some of the event highlights as surprises I am not going to tell you everything in this News Release… Suffice it to say that we are planning an experience, an encounter with a proper working steam engine, whether on land or water – you have to guess…
If you have not been to Latvia before, then 2018 is the year to visit Latvia and Kurland Rally is the motorcycle event to ride in.
The Mailing List for Entry and Accommodation forms is filling up slowly and we are looking forward to another great event with great company.
Yours in Motorcycling,
Juris – the Baltic Pioneer
and your Rally Entry Secretary


Freshly ground coffee, biscuits and restoration technologies go down well during the monthly seminars at the new Ramoto company workshop premises.

Some familiar some not so familiar faces at the Ramoto restoration indoors seminar in February 2018 while outside we have a proper winter snow and frost…

My own winter 2018 project on the operating table a 1930 model 18 Norton which was found in the town of Auce in Latvia, following a lead that was triggered by yours truly wearing a small Norton lapel badg This should be my default mount for this year.

The Koni water mill is a well preserved historic landmark and a perfect backdrop for a group photo in the traditional Kurland Rally style.

During the Valmiermuiza Brewery Beer Sampling excursion at last year’s “Kurland Rally”...