• Q: Where is Kurland (Courland)?
    A: Kurland is the Westernmost and most picturesque region of Latvia. It borders Lithuania to the South, and its Western and Northern borders are the Baltic Sea beaches which draw holidaymakers from all over Latvia and beyond.

  • Q: Why the Kurland Rally is organized in Vidzeme -- a totally different region?
  • A: Because the Kurland Rally is a brand name meaning exploring Latvia on a historic motorcycle. Each event is organized with new destination points and new experiences.
  • Q: What is the weather like there?
    A: in July the weather is usually fine and sunny - perfect for riding historic motorcycles on the relatively empty roads.

  • Q: What about insurance? Is it mandatory?
    A: 3rd party insurance is mandatory for riding/driving on the roads of Latvia. Since Latvia joined the EU, valid EU Policies are now valid in the territory of Latvia as well.

  • Q: How about personal security and motorcycle security?
    A: The event  will take the participants through some of the most picturesque roads of Kurland visiting 6 castles on a carefully chosen route. All the participants' machines will be guarded at night in their closed parking areas. General public is not encouraged to spectate the rally, however there would be plenty of spectators at the town festival in Kuldiga. The Reliability Road Run will have average speed of 50 kph and no speed sections. Break down vans will be provided along with emergency mobile phone numbers printed on every route map. Rules of general caution apply, the countryside in Latvia may be much safer than anywhere else in the world... 
  • Q: Can Credit cards be used in Latvia or do I have to bring cash?
    A: There are several cash dispensers in each town on the rally and most of the shops are equipped to accept credit card payments. However Eurocard/MasterCard and VISA are the preferred choice and there may be problems with other cards, especially outside Riga, the Capital City. Banks are closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Money vending booths are open all over the country and some even stay open on weekends and during the night.

  • Q: Can I pay the Rally Entry Fees upon arrival?
    A: After all it is a question of trust. There is a Rally Entry Deadline and the number of Entries (and accommodation) will be limited on first come first served basis, thus no payment can be accepted on the day. 
  • Q: What documents are we required to carry at all times while in Latvia?

    A: All participants must carry a valid passport, a 3rd party insurance certificate/policy and your vehicle logbook (this also concerns acompanying vehicle/trailer).